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Ricardo: Helping the enterprise better integrate into the community

2019-12-23     Source:



Ricardo(R1) and his colleagues


The oilfield of SIPC Argentina project is so remote that except for basic living facilities, there are few leisure activity places around it. Workers' children, as their parents are busy at work, do not get the due care they deserve, and sometimes try drugs to get high. In this way, drugs gradually spread in the oilfield community.



Ricardo, Public Relations Manager of SIPC Argentina, felt distressed when he watched the familiar children of oilfield community go astray. He immediately reported the problems in the community to the company and worked out a detailed budget and donation plan, which coincided with the company leadership's idea of doing something for the residents in the oilfield. Thanks to Ricardo's efforts, the children in the oilfield began to have their own activity rooms and the workers have their own stadium. Smiles bloomed on the children's faces and the workers set up their own football team and invited Chinese employees to hold a friendly football match. At the stadium's inauguration ceremony, Ricardo was as happy as a child. He said that his grandson also likes football and he hopes to have the opportunity to watch the children's football games.



“Sinopec has been here for 9 years,”Ricardo said, “In the past 9 years, I have seen many delightful changes. The young people around drive their own cars, the children in the community have new football fields, and my wife no longer worries about soaring living prices. I want to thank Sinopec, thank China. I hope that through my efforts, Sinopec can take root on this land. "

里卡多說:“中國石化來阿根廷9年了。9年來,我看到周圍的年輕人開上了汽車,看到社區的孩子們有了新的足球場,我的妻子不再為飛漲的物價發愁,我知道,我要感謝你們,感謝中國。我希望通過我的努力,能夠讓中國企業扎根在這片土地上?!?文圖/國勘公司 翻譯/李惠)





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