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·Sinopec to add 6 new melt-blown fabric production lines, total up to 16
Sinopec is to add 6 new melt-blown fabric production lines for mask materials in addition to 10 ones that it originally planned to set up.
·Sinopec cooperates with Naton Medical Group to produce masks
To deal with the shortage of face masks, Sinopec has cooperated with Chinese enterprise Naton Medical Group to produce masks.
·Sinopec to increase efforts to steadily resume work and ensure supply amid epidemic
On 2 March, Sinopec Chairman Zhang Yuzhuo chaired a meeting of the leading group on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
·Zhang Yuzhuo named Chairman of Sinopec Group
Zhang Yuzhuo became Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Sinopec Group, whose appointment was announced on January 17.
·Sinopec-Imperial College London Resource Geophysics Academy launched
On November 28, Sinopec-Imperial College London Resource Geophysics Academy was officially launched.
·Sinopec, Air Liquide sign MoU on hydrogen energy development in China
On November 6 in Beijing, Sinopec and Air Liquide signed an MoU to accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel in China.
·SINOPEC signs MoU with SIBUR
On Sept. 17, SINOPEC and SIBUR signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Cooperation of the Nitrile Rubber (NBR) project in St. Petersburg.
·SSC released the 2019 interim results in Hongkong
In 1H 2019, the company recorded a revenue of 30.26 billion yuan, increased by 28% YOY.
·Sinopec receives first Yamal LNG cargo
Sinopec Tianjin liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the north of China received an LNG cargo totaling 74,000 mt from Yamal LNG in the Arctic on August 18.
·SEG announces 2019 interim results
During the Reporting Period, SEG recognized a revenue of RMB22.682 billion, representing an increase of 23.7% on a period-on-period basis.
·SINOPEC launches sustainability report in Saudi Arabia
On August 15th, SINOPEC officially launched its SINOPEC in Saudi Arabia: Sustainability Report on Serving the Construction of the Belt and Road in Daman, Saudi Arabia.
·New framework type code for zeolite SCM-15 approved
The International Zeolite Association Structure Commission has assigned a framework type code (SOV) to the novel framework topology of SCM-15 (SINOPEC Composite Material 15).
·Yuanba gas field produces over 13 bcm of natural gas
Sinopec's Yuanba gas field has produced over 13 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas as of March 28, 2019.
·Sinopec discovers huge shale gas reserves in Sichuan
Sinopec announced on March 25 it has made another major breakthrough in shale gas exploration and development, following the discovery of Fuling shale gas field.
·The transaction volume of Global Epec exceeds $15 billion had witnessed total transactions of $15.5 billion by March 24.
·Sinopec announces 2018 full year results
Profit attributable to equity shareholders of the Company grew by 20.2% year on year to RMB 61.6 billion.
·Sinopec drills Asia’s deepest onshore well
Sinopec completed an 8,588-meter-deep well at the Shunbei oil and gas field on February 19, setting a new record for the deepest onshore well in Asia.
·Sinopec won the Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award
Sinopec's high efficiency catalyst and complete set of technology for the value-added conversion of dilute ethylene won the Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award.
·Sinopec ranks second in patent number
The top 3 Chinese companies in terms of patent applications granted – excluding companies based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan – were Huawei, Sinopec and OPPO.
·Fuling shale gas field output exceeds 6 bln cubic meters in 2018
Sinopec’s Fuling shale gas field generated 6.02 billion cubic meters of shale gas in 2018.



· Sinopec to add 6 new melt-blown fabric production...
· Sinopec cooperates with Naton Medical Group to pr...
· Sinopec to increase efforts to steadily resume wo...
· Zhang Yuzhuo named Chairman of Sinopec Group
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· Sinopec Corp. announces 2019 interim results
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